Meet the Tiddlytubbies

The Tiddlytubbies are the newest addition to the Teletubbies house (also known as the “Tubbytronic Superdome”!) and are all impossibly cute!

There are 8 Tiddlytubbies in total, named (in no particular order!) Daa-Daa, Umby Pumby, Baa, Ping, Nin, Duggle Dee, RuRu, and the leader of the pack, Mi-Mi! You didn’t think they would have sensible names did you?!  They each have their own little personalities and we love them all – who is your favourite?

The loveable little characters have been added to the 2015 series of the ever-popular kids’ show and love playing with their more well-known housemates, the Teletubbies.

Daa Daa
Umby Pumby

Umpie Pumpie